Finance & Real Estate

Real Estate & Finance has been one of the building blocks of our firm since James F. Morrison and David Fenske started the firm in 1991. Our firm has over twenty years of experience serving the legal needs of our clients in the greater Minneapolis & St. Paul area and throughout the country, as our client's businesses flourished. Our goal is to get the deal done in an atmosphere contributing to longevity of legal efficiency for our clients in the real estate arena.

What sets us apart is our dedication to the practice, and our ability to fluidly facilitate our clients' needs. Mainly a word-of-mouth firm for the last twenty odd years, our firm's ability to cater to our clients has left us with longstanding and intertwined bonds.

Our goal is to provide our legal expertise to your real estate and finance needs in the most efficient and practical way possible.

Our finance and real estate attorneys are experts in the following areas:

  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition, Development, and Sale
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Commercial Banking
  • Residential Real Estate Acquisition, Development, and Sale
  • Mortgage Foreclosures
  • Common Interest Communities
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Commercial Evictions

To learn about our real estate professionals and their experiences, please click on the attorneys below: